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Writing & Editing

Communicate Your Message

Writing matters. Convoluted sentences, typos, and just plain boring prose get in the way of your message. The best way to sell your business is to communicate your value clearly and concisely. At RFMG, we offer a variety of writing and editing services to ensure that you get the content you need for the budget you can afford.

From content creation to comprehensive editing, our team of experienced writers and editors can take your written content from blah to brilliant. We work hard to represent your brand, your voice, and your chosen topics, all while keeping your audience in mind. We service websites, advertising products, brochures, articles, emails, social media, and more. 

Checking Text on a Document

Have everything you need but just want an extra pair of eyes to catch mistakes?

Working Coffee

Learn and grow your business today with resources on social media, branding, and more.








Content Creation

Our team of writers can turn your vision, interests, and goals into a message to represent your business. Whether it's web content, blog articles, or social media marketing, we give voice and clarity to your brand.


You can tell us what to write about, or we can use our research skills to find topics that fit your brand. Together, we'll increase your credibility and communicate your business's value to your customers. 

Copy Editing

Errors look sloppy and make it hard to build credibility. Even if you know how to write, it is always beneficial to have your content edited for mistakes, inconsistencies, and repetition.


Our copy editors can check your website, articles, brochures, etc., for errors ranging from grammar and syntax to font or format inconsistencies. 

Comprehensive Editing

Is your message unclear or hard for customers to understand? With our comprehensive editing, your content will be edited for wordiness, awkward sentences, clumsy structure, flow, and general errors. We can suggest areas in need of expansion or clarification or simply polish your piece into a clear, enjoyable read.

Copy Editing
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