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Why Consulting?

Things go wrong in business and sometimes the reason can feel unclear. You may have unmet goals, despite putting massive amounts of effort, time, and money towards reaching them. Or maybe you just aren’t sure where to focus first. If you find yourself and your business in a place of confusion, uncertainty, or simply stagnation, let RFMG help you get out of that rut!

RFMG’s team includes years of experience and training in areas directly applicable to every business: sales, business management, photography, writing, marketing, branding, graphics, websites, and more. Let us help your business function better from the inside out! 

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We value our clients and want them to be 100 percent happy!

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Learn and grow your business today with resources on social media, branding, and more.






Our team experience

covers decades of working with small businesses and nonprofits, as well as an array of marketing, communication, and business-related training. 

"They are not only open-minded, but also motivated and full of creative ideas. Very willing to try something new and think outside the box!"

— Adrienne Vose, Business Owner

Business Consulting

Whether you’re having trouble attaining your goals, facing problems in the hiring and training process, or don’t even know what you need to do next to grow, RFMG can help answer your questions.


If you feel your business has hit a wall, simply isn’t operating as it should, or you have a specific question about an area of business that baffles you, let us know and we’ll bring in our team to help you think creatively and come up with a new plan of action.

Branding Consulting

You know branding is vital to a business, but do you feel confused about what that means for you, your logo, your content, or your “voice”? Our branding team can help you find just what makes your business unique and communicate that to the world with everything you do and say as a business.


We can help you from the ground up, like creating a vision statement, or take what you already have started and help you organize content, goals, and approaches. We can provide you with tools to help ensure you remain true to yourself and your growing business.

Marketing Consulting

Let’s say you have a healthy business setup and your branding is on point—but no one seems to be seeing your merchandise or hearing your name. RFMG can help you find just the right marketing strategies for your business that will reach your desired audience, communicate your business's worth, and boost your revenue.


We can look at what makes your business unique and offer personalized advice to implement that will help you create a more profitable and farther-reaching business.

Business Consulting
Branding Consulting
Marketing Consulting
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